React and Accessibility

I’ve been looking into React recently, and searching out resources related to accessibility with the tech. So far is a good read, along with React’s own docs also here:

Flash indexing with external resource loading

Google have expanded their Flash indexing capabilities by allowing for the indexing of external assets. A lot of Flash applications read in some sort of XML config file, which in turn often loads in additional assets such as images, mp3s, etc. This is a big deal in getting Flash properly indexable, so kudos to Google.

How mobile Flickr was built

Really interesting blog post on how the mobile version of Flickr was constructed. I haven’t had the opportunity to try the mobile version of the site out on a mobile browser aside from iPhone Safari, but it works really well on that browser. You can tell the focus on optimising everything has paid off when it comes down to user experience, and I love the visual feedback that every click provides (so the user isn’t left twiddling his/her thumbs wondering if a click has registered).