NES30 bluetooth gamepad

I’m a sucker for most things NES-related as it’s the first games console I ever owned. I enjoy touchscreen gaming to an extent although it remains heavily dependent on the type of game and how effectively the developers have implemented the controls.

I might not have to worry about all that much longer… as I’ve ordered an NES30 bluetooth gamepad! There’s a pretty comprehensive review of the NES30 over at It looks great and if it enables me to play games on my iPad, Android Nexus 7 and the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 later on this year (!) then it’ll be well worth the investment.

Once it arrives I’ll do a review.

Macs, GarageBand ’09 and Casio keyboards

We’ve an underused Casio LK-93TV at home and the announcement of GarageBand ’09 (as part of iLife ’09) got me pretty interested as there seems to be music tutorial features in the package. Connecting the Casio keyboard to GarageBand ’08 didn’t seem to work however, which then prompted me to do a search and I found out Casio don’t make Mac drivers for their keyboards (supposedly).

I then found a link to a MIDI driver here which enabled GarageBand ’08 to recognised the USB-connected Casio and now everything’s working fine. Thanks a lot to ferland francois for taking the trouble of coding a solution!