Apple update to MacBook keyboard freeze issue. About time.

I love my MacBook and am very glad I’ve largely moved over from Windows, but the keyboard freeze on the keyboard when the computer has been idol for a few minutes is very annoying. It doesn’t occur when I’ve an external keyboard plugged into the machine. Hopefully after I get the change to apply this update the built-in keyboard will play nice too.

New Mac owner (again)!

Well, I relented over the past weekend and bought a new black MacBook from the Apple store. Put it through its paces at work yesterday when I had to take notes during the day; the machine lasted at least 4-5 hours taking notes and still had battery power to spare! A big departure from my experiences with my Sony Vaio.

The machine doesn’t seem to run that hot at all, although I’ve yet to properly put it through its paces. I now have to re-educate myself on the Mac scene; all the essential tips, tricks, programs, etc.