Safari 3.1 kicks ass

Apple have updated Safari to version 3.1 to include support for a lot of cutting-edge technology (including client-side database storage), along with adding a native developer dropdown (enabled within the preferences section). With Firefox 3, Opera 9.5 coming soon and, erm, IE8, it’s looking like the browser market is about to make web developer’s lives a lot more interesting soon.

By “interesting” I of course mean more difficult!

P.S. Visit this page in Safari 3.1 to see some funky CSS animation. Coo!

Death of the Netscape browser

AOL, who these days own Netscape, have announced that they’re to cease development of the browser. I’ve mixed feeling weirdly enough, although from a professional point of view it’s good news as it’s one less browser to have to test websites against in the long term.

When I started out developing websites, Netscape was the browser our company mainly tested against, mainly because it was a lot more powerful and popular than the Microsoft browser at the time. As time progressed this situation obviously changed, but there was a time when companies proudly displayed “built for Netscape Navigator” icons at the bottom of their sites.

I don’t think anyone has seriously used Netscape for years; it kinda turned into a weird mish-mash of Firefox and IE in the end, and because they haven’t managed to make a dent in IE’s market share they’ve decided to quit.