NES30 bluetooth gamepad

I’m a sucker for most things NES-related as it’s the first games console I ever owned. I enjoy touchscreen gaming to an extent although it remains heavily dependent on the type of game and how effectively the developers have implemented the controls.

I might not have to worry about all that much longer… as I’ve ordered an NES30 bluetooth gamepad! There’s a pretty comprehensive review of the NES30 over at¬† It looks great and if it enables me to play games on my iPad, Android Nexus 7 and the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 later on this year (!) then it’ll be well worth the investment.

Once it arrives I’ll do a review.

Nintendo upgrading the Wii Opera browser?

Rumor has it that Nintendo are to release an update to the Opera browser on the Wii. Haven’t read anything so far as to whether Flash will be upgraded too (it’s currently stuck on Flash 7 whereas the PS3 recently had its version of Flash updated to 9). Come on Nintendo; you know it makes sense! Pretty please?

Wii browser made final

Final version of the Wii browser has been released. You need to perform a small system update before upgrading apparently. Still stuck with Flash 7 because Adobe haven’t updated their SDK (which would also explain why the Playstation 3’s implementation of Flash is also stuck at 7).

Still, looking forward to downloading and giving it a try later! Any technical questions can also be searched for on Opera’s Wii forum.

While the Opera browser on the Nintendo Wii’s still in Beta, this looks like providing a few additional widgets to make surfing a better experience.

In case Nintendo are reading this (as if!); please, please, please enable as much Flash/JavaScript as possible in the final version of the browser. It makes sense if your games release schedule is as slow as it is currently, as you’ll get a lot of homebrew games and activities developed by the masses that’ll tide people over in the meantime.

Being able to capture the full range of wiimote movement and button presses in Flash would lead to some amazing content being developed, and it wouldn’t matter that the PS3 browser features Flash 7 too if you open up the API. Then the developer community wouldn’t have to resort to workarounds like Mario’s great efforts.