Android Flash player version weirdness

If I visit in my HTC Desire Z’s Froyo browser it tells me I’m running “FL 10,1,123,425”, but when I navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Adobe Flash Player 10.1 it tells me it’s version “”.

I’m still relatively new to Android so this isn’t making immediate sense to me; either‘s JS need adjusting or there are two versions of the Flash player on my Android device. Or something else?!?

Edit: Adobe’s own version test page mirrors‘s findings. cisnky suggested trying a pure Flash-based version detection method, which’ll be my next move.

Edit 2: This Flash-based test mirrors the above; that the minor version I’m running is “123”.

Changing the User Agent on an Android phone

This posting on Lifehacker is very useful if Android’s tendancy towards bouncing you over to mobile versions of sites is annoying you. However, I noticed you can also play around with the Flash plug-in settings using this method too; switching between Flash 10 and Flash Lite (on Froyo anyway).

Mozilla have no plans to bundle Flash with Firefox

Adobe Flash received a very welcome shot in the arm recently when Google announced that it was to package Flash with its Chrome browser. Mozilla however have since announced that they have no plans to follow suit.

Flash usually runs comparatively poorly in Firefox, so it’s a shame it’s not receiving any love to improve its performance.

Initial adventures in PS3-browser land

I’ve begun doing some work involving the PlayStation 3 web browser. I thought for ages that it used NetFront as it’s browser manufacturer, but it turns out it’s supposedly proprietary and kinda based on Internet Explorer 4 (thanks @jaffathecake for that). I messed around with the Sony PSP browser years ago and found it to be very sluggish and lied sometimes when you tried to test for certain features.

Anyway, I took a mini adventure across the web to see how a number of popular websites would fair in the PS3 browser and was disappointed to discover that the browser crashed. More than once. Three times in fact, and it wasn’t just a browser crash; the whole PS3 needed restarting on each occasion. I visited such sites as Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Flickr and when given the option always went for the non-latest JS-Lite versions whenever presented.

I applaud Sony for updating certain elements associated with browsing so far (such as updating Flash support to version 9), but it’s frustrating when you’re excited to be developing on next-gen consoles only to discover they’re built on very old and flaky browsing technology. I doubt it’s top of their list, but I’d hope within the next few firmware updates they might consider adding to the standards support of their browser.